Visiting San Diego?

Best 5 Things To Do in San Diego


1) Observe Wildlife and Nature- 

San Diego is full of fun places to go including the San Diego Zoo and Seaworld. Here you will have the opportunity to come up close with many one of a kind exhibits. Experiencing a safari stoned at the Zoo or watching a seaworld show with edibles makes for a fun and memorable activity! 

2) Brewery Hopping- 

As one of the largest markets for craft beer, Sunny San Diego is home to many breweries to visit with friends. Make a day of sampling beers and eating appetizers from over 175+ breweries to choose from. Starting the brewery tour with joint or two with the party is always a great idea to enhance the flavors of beer and food. 

3) Concert Venues - 

There are many concert venues and shows going on at any even day. From historical stages with top line productions to enjoying a musical artist down in the Gaslamp. Most music enthusiasts already know weed goes hand in hand concerts. Enjoy a blunt and feel the vibrations of some good music! 

4) Beach Day - 

San Diego has the best beaches in California. Getting baked and soaking up the sun is hands down the best way to experience the “Cali” beach bum lifestyle. You also have the option to experience kayaking, rent a jet ski and take it for a spin on the Pacific ocean, as well as plenty other sand activities. 

5) Ride a Roller Coaster - 

From the 150 foot tall inverted twists at Seaworld to enjoying the historic Giant Dipper built in 1925 at Belmont Park, there is no shortage of adrenaline pumping attractions. Riding stoned is the best way to have a more intense and vivid experience. 

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